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The mission of 24 25 creative is to exactly meet your organization's needs by bridging strategy and design through branding, marketing and communications support. We are here to make you look good.


our work

Always grounded in your story, we use strategy to guide decisions – from strategic, marketing and communication plans to choices with design. Whether you are a new business that needs brand development or an organization that needs a brand refresh, we can guide you through the process as well as deliver quality marketing collateral and communications support.

Because of our varied experience in all things visual, we are able to bring a unique perspective to logo design, photography, photo editing, visual and video content and website design. In addition, we can take care of website development, social media marketing, advertising and media buying for you.

Both images and words are important in communication. That's why we also handle all things word, from written content and strategic planning to blog entries and radio spot scripts.

Your brand is the gut feeling a consumer feels about your company or organization – it’s how they distinguish between you and your competitor. We are here to help you not just communicate your programs or products, but tell consumers about the employees and values of your organization. Building brands takes time – just like developing human personalities – and we're here to help you along the way.

who we are

Our qualities, along with the values and experiences that fuel us, impact how we approach our work.

Wanting to do our best, drives our actions.

Dedication and our commitment to quality are inherent in who we are.

Refusing to live in the negative, defines how we move through life.

Meeting people and making connections, make us smile.

Discovering new places, brings us joy.

Laughing with colleagues, friends and family, energizes us.

Seeing the beauty in life and adding to it, fulfills us.

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Anne Marie Arndt

owner and consultant

A strategic and adaptive professional, Anne Marie creatively bridges strategy and design to understand context, develop organizational identity and achieve positive outcomes.


With 20 years of experience, immersed in the examination of human behaviors, she knows how to meet needs and collaborate to produce results, access and opportunities. 

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Brandy smiling
Brandy Krachmer

designer and

creative partner

Trained in visual effects and motion graphics, Brandy likes to make things and to help people express themselves. She also likes to read – a lot –  and is a big fan of the sensible use of a good thesaurus, even for casual emails.


The greatest reward she can think of is being allowed to work on stuff quietly in the background to help you or your organization shine. Thoughtful, yet clear-headed, she has a fondness for meaningful details and for creating visual and written statements that feel “just right” for the situation at hand. 

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